Well everyone, the move is set for Monday and then just a quick clean up of the old homestead and we are off to greener pastures !! I am looking forward to it. I think change is good for everyone ……. once I am settled in, I will have all my friends over for a pool party and a laugh.

The market is pretty busy right now and everyone seems to want to move !! Which I think is a good thing. Interest rates went up this past weekend so if you are thinking on making a move, get pre-approved and lock in your rate now. You never know what another 90 days might hold.

The new house is moving along. The hardwood floors are in the upstairs at least. Didn’t get the main floor done but the wood is there, so that is a good thing. Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to come on here next week and fill you in on the last of the moving details.

As for Sutton, its great !!! Should have done it sooner. What a great group of people work there and we all seem to really get along. So all in all, I can’t complain.

Have a great weekend everyone – I hear the weather is going to be great !


Well here I sit at 11:02 pm on a Monday night and am no closer to moving into my new house than I was a week ago. So much for the brilliant idea of bridging and not moving out in one day. I think the more time you have to move, the less you do. Now we are getting down to the wire and if you walked into my old house, you wouldn’t think it was different from any other day other than a FEW and I mean FEW boxes.

I should of thought of this from a Realtor’s point of view. Who the heck moves in their busiest season. As anyone in real estate knows, the Spring market is huge !! What do I do – I decide to move. DAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is something to say for October and November closings. (lol)
Now I laugh…. let me tell you, I wasn’t laughing yesterday. Not only was I supposed to do the shelf paper in the kitchen cupboards, I had an offer on the go and it was above all, MOTHER’S DAY.

And did I mention, I am a mother too !!!!!!!!!!! Where is my holiday in all of this ! Not that I want a holiday, just a half hour without my Blackberry buzzing would be nice. But I guess I shouldn’t complain. Business is good and the market is healthy and I lucky to have calls to answer . So on that note, I have a great listing in Whitby and another one coming up this week in Pickering, not to mention a potential one in Bowmanville. You see, I get around (ha ha)

I guess in between all this, I better get some packing done because the end of the month will be here soon and then I am in real trouble. Stay tuned for my next adventure … blue tooth?
To get one or not to get one? What do you think? I can’t tell you how many times I have said “hello” to someone who wasn’t talking to me but was talking on their bluetooth and now I am considering getting one !!!

Will I or won’t I?????????????? The jury is out.


Sorry, its been a while but anyone who has moved can relate !!! I still don’t know where anything is or what to do next but I will manage. It’s back to business this weekend. The blackberry is buzzing with new Spring business. It is amazing what a little nice weather can do for people who are considering a move. Having just done it first hand, I can tell you it is a big decision. I am thrilled with my new home. It is like living in the country but still close enough to shopping, that I don’t feel like I am living on Green Acres (not that anything is wrong with Green Acres !). As long as I don’t have to climb a telephone pole to make a phone call – it’s all good !!!!! Off to a listing presentation but stay tuned. The unpacking is next !

Who says moving is easy !

Well I can’t believe it …. I list and sell homes for a living but have lived in mine for the past sixteen years and believe it or not, this week is the BIG MOVE ! Thursday May 3rd actually. I can’t believe how stressful it is. I now have sympathy for all my clients when they are moving. Who would have thought you would accumulate that much CRAP and not know it …. I don’t even know where to begin.

Finding boxes is one thing – packing them is another. Never mind the unpacking (ha ha). Oh well, I guess the fun is just about to start. Last time I moved, our patio table flew off on the 401 – of course, my brother was driving. Never a dull moment ! On that note, I better go pack some more of I will never be ready for Thursday. Anybody want to help me ??????????????????