Well I did it !!!! I am finally living at the new place ! The pool is up and running and all is good !
Work is extremely busy with a great Spring market and the houses are moving rather quickly right now.

I did jump in and get that Bluetooth after all and upgraded to the Blackberry Pearl …. I guess you always thought I was just sitting at the computer when you get those quick reponses – NOT !!!!! But at least now, I can be driving and not be reaching for that ever ringing phone. It does make life a little easier. It frees up your hands for writing now !!! LOL.

I must say finally getting settled has taken an extra bit of workload off of my plate. I hate to admit it but “Thank God for the movers !” I could have never moved us over here …. I think I would still be back at the old place.

It is sooooooo peaceful here.. in the morning I sit out on my porch and the chipmunks come and sit with me. Wow, I have to admit, me sitting with chipmunks sounds crazy but it is really a nice feeling. Instead of listening to police sirens and noise, I hear the birds. It is like my cottage in the City so speak.

I will definitely be having my buddies over real soon, just let me get a few more boxes unpacked and little more done (work wise) and then it is POOL PARTY time !!! Hope to see you there.
Have a great week everyone !