Testimonials!! Thank you !! Importance of Using Them for Your Business !

Firstly, I want to personally thank all my present and past clients who have taken the time to write a short testimonial on my behalf.  Future clients are always given a little book and I always include my latest testimonials with contact information.  

As a Realtor, I think new clients always are skeptical of salespeople in general and sometimes just a short wee note from someone who has worked with you before, sets their minds at ease.  The rest is up to you.

Here is a few that I have received over the years and they are on my website for anyone to view.

Courtesy of Michelle Makos’ Clients

Michelle Makos’ Testimonials        

If you are a Realtor, encourage your clients to evaluate your efforts.   It is always nice to hear what they think of the experience as well as useful in future marketing.

It goes back to the same old thing.  People may not remember WHAT you said, BUT they will always remember, HOW you made them feel !!

Treat every client like they are your only one !!  You won’t be disappointed with the results and neither will they.

To your success everyone !

What Every Home Buyer Should Read !


Most people are familiar with hiring a real estate agent to sell a home, but fewer are aware that as buyers, they are also able to hire an agent to work diligently, protect their interests and find the best possible property for the best possible price. Many people assume that the best person to call when interested in a property is the listing agent, when this is not the case!
Buyers often approach the task of finding a new home by calling the number on “For Sale” signs, searching real estate magazines & newspaper ads and using web sites such as Realtor.ca. What they may not realize is that by contacting the listing agent directly (the name on the “For Sale” sign or the ad), they are actually calling the agent who’s first and foremost responsibility is to protect the interests of the seller!

This is not to say that you cannot buy a home from a listing agent …. they are licensed professionals and are obligated to work with a buyer in a fair, honest and ethical manner as their customer, but they do not necessarily owe buyers the fiduciary duty that they owe their client, the seller. Without a signed Buyer Agency Agreement, anything that you disclose to the listing agent about your budget, motivation or otherwise, can and will be used to benefit the position of the seller during negotiations.

What is a buyer to do?

Hire your own Buyer Agent! You can interview potential buyer agents and choose the one who you feel will work the hardest for you, has the best track record, and whom you feel comfortable with. Furthermore, a buyer agent’s services are almost always paid out of the gross commission that the seller has paid to their listing brokerage!

When you have found the sales representative that you want to work with, you will sign a contract called a “Buyer Agency Agreement” which legally obligates your agent to provide you fiduciary duty, confidentiality and to protect your interests and motivations. In return, you agree to work solely with your agent for the time period stated therein, and allow them to collect their commission from the sale of the property that you purchase.

Once you have chosen your Buyer Agent, you will be in a much better position to find the best property for you. Many listings are sold before the “For Sale” sign ever goes up and there is a time lag between realtor’s MLS and the public MLS website, so your Buyer Agent is able to notify you about a hot listing before it hits the public portals. Once your agent understands your preferences, they will also keep their eyes open for you as they inspect properties daily. Remember that during the day, while you’re at work, your agent will be out inspecting and comparing properties to find you the perfect fit! In addition to helping you find a property, a good agent will also be able to help you with things such as mortgage pre-approvals, lawyers, insurance, and home inspector referrals.

Buying a home can be an intimidating task. Hiring a Buyer Agent to guide you through this process is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be prepared to make a confident and informed decision when the time comes to place your offer.
For more information, please call Michelle Makos at 905-831-3300 or 416-300-3004 or email at michelle.makos@rogers.com

I just received this amazing testimonial !

Thank you so much Bill for taking the time to write this !  The pleasure was all mine !

I was moving from Kingston to the Toronto area, and had no idea about where to find a good agent to assist me. I was contacted by various agents in the Pickering/Oshawa area, but one stood out above the rest. That was Michelle.

I knew immediately that here was an agent who was really on the ball, and who was trying very hard to help me. I made an appointment to see some homes with Michelle, and I was overwhelmed by her knowledge of the market, her concern about finding exactly what I wanted, and above all her honesty.

She called them as she saw them, and she showed a genuine concern for finding a good home for me in my price range. At no time did she suggest any property which was above my range, or to downplay any deficiencies in homes we saw.

She was a person who I could trust implicitly to work on my behalf. Besides all that, she has a great personality, and I can say that I enjoyed very much what could have been a stressful experience. I ended the day by buying the house that was exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone as I believe without a doubt that she has to be the best real estate professional in the Toronto area.

~Bill Thorkelson~

Pickering – Perfect Area to Invest in Real Estate

Search North Pickering and South Pickering Homes

Searching for the home of your dreams in Pickering, Ontario? Whether it is south Pickering, near the lake or north Pickering near the 407, the opportunities are endless. North Pickering, South Pickering, East Pickering or West Pickering… I can help you decide which neighbourhood best suits your needs. Pickering is divided into many different neighbourhoods. Amberlea, Brockridge, Duffin Heights, Dunbarton, Highbush, Rosebank, Rougemount, Village East, West Shore and so on. Having lived in Pickering for 20 plus years, I can tell you about the schools, shopping, transit and more.
Here is a little video from the City of Pickering highlighting our beautiful downtown. Live, Work, Play and Invest in Pickering.
Using my Preferred Buyer MLS® Email Notification Program, you can search a huge inventory of MLS® property listings and view information about homes that are currently available not only in the Pickering area, but in any region of Durham. Based on your criteria, I can quickly locate homes complete with pictures and descriptions. You’ll be notified as new homes come on the market daily by email, allowing you to see the hottest new Pickering real estate listings first, before they’re sold or appear on MLS!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends !

Michelle wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving


To all my American friends south of the Border, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from your friend north of the Border.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to give thanks.  Be grateful today and everyday.  🙂

Enjoy the time with your family and friends and most of all Bon Appetite.
                                                                                                        Michelle xo

Do you ever wonder???

If you attract the things that happen to you?   I think about this all the time.   Do you ever notice when things are going “great” – things just keep coming at you and they get better and better and easier and easier ?

I certainly do.   And when I am in a “funk” it seems nothing I touch works out.  I totally believe it is in your mindset.  When you start second guessing who you are and how well you can do things, you DON’T get it done.

It is like we say to our kids, you can do anything or be anything you want to be !   And as their parents we should teach by example.  

Yesterday I had one of those days !!  It just felt like I was walking on sunshine and everything I did, worked out the way it was planned to go….like attracts like.

So my advice to anyone out there feeling a bit defeated or down is……… Smarten up !   This is your life and no one or nothing can tell you what you can and cannot do !!  If you aren’t happy with something or someone – CHANGE IT !!!

Life is too short.  My Beautiful Mom died in 60’s and she lived her life for everyone else; her children, her husband, her family but never put herself first !   I think people need to take care of themselves first and they will take better care of their children and family because they will be in their “happy place”…. and when you are happy you make the people around you happy !

So my Blogger friends, make today count !  Take a look at what interferes in your happiness… make it better !   Don’t make people or things a priority in your life, that don’t make you a priority in theirs !!

Have a super Wednesday and see you all on the flipside !  🙂