I just received this amazing testimonial !

Thank you so much Bill for taking the time to write this !  The pleasure was all mine !

I was moving from Kingston to the Toronto area, and had no idea about where to find a good agent to assist me. I was contacted by various agents in the Pickering/Oshawa area, but one stood out above the rest. That was Michelle.

I knew immediately that here was an agent who was really on the ball, and who was trying very hard to help me. I made an appointment to see some homes with Michelle, and I was overwhelmed by her knowledge of the market, her concern about finding exactly what I wanted, and above all her honesty.

She called them as she saw them, and she showed a genuine concern for finding a good home for me in my price range. At no time did she suggest any property which was above my range, or to downplay any deficiencies in homes we saw.

She was a person who I could trust implicitly to work on my behalf. Besides all that, she has a great personality, and I can say that I enjoyed very much what could have been a stressful experience. I ended the day by buying the house that was exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone as I believe without a doubt that she has to be the best real estate professional in the Toronto area.

~Bill Thorkelson~