Do you ever wonder???

If you attract the things that happen to you?   I think about this all the time.   Do you ever notice when things are going “great” – things just keep coming at you and they get better and better and easier and easier ?

I certainly do.   And when I am in a “funk” it seems nothing I touch works out.  I totally believe it is in your mindset.  When you start second guessing who you are and how well you can do things, you DON’T get it done.

It is like we say to our kids, you can do anything or be anything you want to be !   And as their parents we should teach by example.  

Yesterday I had one of those days !!  It just felt like I was walking on sunshine and everything I did, worked out the way it was planned to go….like attracts like.

So my advice to anyone out there feeling a bit defeated or down is……… Smarten up !   This is your life and no one or nothing can tell you what you can and cannot do !!  If you aren’t happy with something or someone – CHANGE IT !!!

Life is too short.  My Beautiful Mom died in 60’s and she lived her life for everyone else; her children, her husband, her family but never put herself first !   I think people need to take care of themselves first and they will take better care of their children and family because they will be in their “happy place”…. and when you are happy you make the people around you happy !

So my Blogger friends, make today count !  Take a look at what interferes in your happiness… make it better !   Don’t make people or things a priority in your life, that don’t make you a priority in theirs !!

Have a super Wednesday and see you all on the flipside !  🙂