Happy Endings !

Have you ever had one of those days ???  I am sure many of you have.  Well today I had one of those days !  LOL… but I am happy to report it ended splendidly.  

Not only did my clients end up closing on their home, it would NEVER have happened without the diligence and hard work of my favourite lawyer, John Zinati !!  He called me at 6 pm on a Friday night and worked and made calls until he could hand over the keys to my client who waited patiently.   Sometimes it is all about work ethics and passion.  There are true professionals in the real estate industry and don’t ever think there isn’t.  Even the Listing Agent was on the phone trying to help get it sorted.
This is why when you are purchasing real estate, work with people who are trusted.  It is all about relationships and hard work.  Because of everyone working together today, my clients were able to send me a picture to my cell phone at 8:30 pm this evening saying “THANK YOU, WE ARE HOME !”

Home Sweet Home

This is why I love my job !!  Look at those smiles !!!   Tonight they are proud homeowners for the first time and a special thanks goes out to John Zinati and his office staff for staying late and getting the job done.

I highly recommend Zinati & Kay and can rest easy tonight knowing my clients are warm and safe in their new home.   Good things happen to good people ! 

I am so thrilled to have been able to be a part of those smiles !  Have a great weekend everyone !  Cheers xo