Just Back from Inman Connect 2013

I have been away from 5 days attending the Inman Connect 2013 in New York City.  It is all the upcoming trends and information on real estate and technology to take my business to the next level.

Inman News®, Real Estate Connect® is the preeminent event for everyone who cares about the real estate industry and where it is going. Each year, thousands of influential real estate leaders gather at Real Estate Connect to network, make deals, explore current trends and technology, and to learn how to embrace and leverage the change that surrounds our industry.

The theme this year was a “Latte Vision” – as we all know the U.S.A is very big on Starbucks.  So the “latte vision” is a similar way of selling real estate.  “Be bigger, bolder and different” than every other Realtor out there.   Make yourself stand apart from the rest.  We spoke about the US economy and the Global markets.  What people want from a Realtor?  What sets you apart?   How to push the envelope?

Overall it was a great learning experience and New York City was something to behold !   

So if you are looking for a Real Experience that pushes the envelope, informative, fun and fresh ~ you have found your next Realtor !   Feel free to contact me at your convenience and lets start the process.   Have a super day everyone and don’t forget, I am waiting for your call.   I treat every client as they are MY ONLY CLIENT ! xo