Mayors Gala – Pickering

Last year I had the great pleasure of attending the Mayor’s Gala with our very own Pickering Councillor, Peter Rodrigues.  We had an absolute blast !!  If you have the opportunity to go this year, don’t miss it !  The website is and it definitely a Pickering Event you do not want to miss !!!
I will post a few pictures from the Gala 2011. 
Peter Rodrigues and Michelle Makos
Mayors Gala 2011, Pickering Ontario

Michelle Makos and Pat Clark

Don’t miss this great Pickering event.   Get your tickets fast because it is always a great time !

Peter Rodrigues is a great asset to the City of Pickering.  He works hard for the taxpayers in Pickering and is always there to answer your questions.  Thanks Peter for everything you do to make Pickering, Ontario a better place to live !